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PinnedURL Launches URL Shortening API

August 21, 2013 1 Comment

PinnedURL has launched an API to its URL shortening service.  Developers, webmasters, affiliate program managers and other business partners can signup for free and get their API key and begin implementing the PinnedURL shortening service in their own applications and websites.

The API call is based on HTTP QueryString technology and is easy to use.   Requiring only a marketing category, URL and the API app_id and key, the service returns a user-friendly URL with either a default alias, or a custom alias depending on the alias parameter value in the QueryString.

PinnedURL has partnered with 3Scale: the Plug & Play API Management Solution to provide a flexible, secure and scalable data delivery solution to provide its URL shortening service.  Visit the Developer Portal to try out the API for free!


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PinnedURL provides link redirection services with link management and analytics. Shorten your long affiliate URLs into PinnedURLs for use on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Customize your PinnedURL with your own alias. Market your affiliate products with a custom URL that won't be denied.

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